What Types of CBD Vape-Oil Do You Carry?

We sell two main types of CBD vape oil. One is closer to traditional vape juices and is made in a variety of sweet, and savory flavors like our tropical blend, watermelon taffy, and wild cherry flavors. These are great flavors for users who are used to the tasty ingredients of traditional liquids, but who still want CBD oil for anxiety or CBD for pain. The second type of CBD vape oil is our terpene infused liquids. These liquids are made similarly to our normal flavors but are combined with natural terpenes which are derived from industrial hemp. The result is an authentic flavor that varies depending on the strain associated with the combined terpenes. These liquids are our Sour Diesel, Gorilla OG, and Blue Dream flavors, which may be better choices for users experienced in strains of hemp.

What is CBD Isolate and Why is it Used in CBD Vape-Oil?

While terpene infused CBD vape oils utilize a variety of the material extracted from hemp, isolate infused CBD vape oils only use CBD. This can be extremely beneficial for consumers that only want to ingest cannabidiol, but others may be more interested in products that contain multiple cannabinoids. For these customers, we would highly recommend terpene CBD vape oils instead. The process of creating isolate begins with a gentle extraction, during which CBD oil is taken directly from industrial hemp to create a powdery substance called CBD isolate. CBD isolate has a multitude of uses and can be bought as a standalone product. However, it is more commonly used as a way to add CBD to the product that wouldn’t otherwise contain CBD hemp oil. Once extraction is complete, CBD isolate is added to the formulation of our liquids in controlled doses to make sure each batch is standardized.