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Easy Grinder Electric Herb Grinder Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Detachable Storage Case

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Custom engrave your Easy Grinder! 

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With the convenience that fits in your pocket, your easy GrinderTM automatic Herbal Grinder & Dispenser is ready when you need it to be. Whether it's medicinal herbs or seasoning for dinner around a campfire, the powerful grinding blades can take up to 2.5 g of product with the press of a button. The longer you grind, the finer your herbs and the included brush make for an easy clean-up.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery can last 5 hours on a single charge or enough for 300 grinds and with the LED battery display on the front of the unit, you'll know when it's time to the plugin. Once ground to your satisfaction, the easy slide magnetic cover lets you dispense however much you need for each application. 


Electric Herb Grinder Features

  • Easy Grinder Takes Up 2.5 Grams Of Herbs For One Load
  • Secure O-ring Provides Air Tight Seal, Keeps All Content Smell And Moist Protected In the Storage Chamber Section
  • USB Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery - 1 Hour Charge Can Provide Up To 300 Grinds
  • Easy Grinder Electric Herb Grinder Has A Sleek, Portable Design That Is Easy To Carry And Grind On The Go
  • Easy To Dispense - Unscrew The Top And You Can Dispense Herbs Through The Dispensing Hole
  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • 7 x 3 x2 in
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Extra Grinding Blade

Another unique feature of the easy Grinder allows you to detach the nozzle, loading chamber, and end cap so that you can combine them into a secure and compact carrying case for herb on the go!

The secure O-rings around the storage chamber make for an airtight seal so you can carry your best buds with you discreetly.

Main Characteristics

Storage Container 
  • 7 x 3 x 2 in
  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Extra Grinding Blade
Grinding Blades 
Herb Grinder
  • Powerful grinding blades can grind up to 2.5 g of herbs as fine or as coarse
  • Grind up to 5 hours on a single charge or over 300 grinds
  • A detachable storage case can be used as a manual grinder
Different Colors
different grinders
    Available in 4 stylish colors:
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pink
electric grinder